Church Leadership


Each of our churches is governed by a Session, made up of Ruling Elders (Session members) and a Minister of Word and Sacrament (Rev. Steinhorst). Together they are responsible for managing the operation of the churches.

Left to right: Jim Stuart, Shane Butwin, Rev. Kim Steinhorst, Sharon Chandler, Spencer Adams, Larry Davis, Martha Louis
(Absent Phil Bailey and Bunny Snoddy)
Maysville Elders   New Store Elders
Sharon Chandler 2021Terry Harris
Larry Davis 2021   Sammy Kidd
Bunny Snoddy 2021Tony Wooten
Jim Stuart 2021
Spencer Adams 2022
Phil Bailey 2022
Shane Butwin 2022
Martha Louis 2022

Sammy Kidd, Terry Harris and Tony Wooten
Rev. Steinhorst, with his wife, Genevieve, and Miss Moneypenny at an outdoor church celebration

Maysville PresbyterianNew Store Presbyterian
Pianist/Choir Director: Brahma RosenbergPianist: Bettie Bass Mitchell
Sunday School Leaders: Vicky Williams & Margaret ThomasSunday School Leader: Sarah Frances Bowling
Treasurer: W.E. Saxon, Jr.Treasurer: Bettie Bass Mitchell
Assistant Treasurer: Phil Bailey

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